Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Apache Spark Training in DBA University

We have included Apache Spark topics as part of our Big Data with Hadoop training course. Spark is the most active Big Data open source project and has become a top level Apache project in Feb 2014. In our course, you get an opportunity to process large real world JSON data sets using Apache Spark both on a single node pseudo-distributed Hadoop cluster as well as three node Hadoop cluster in the cloud.

The Apache Spark topics along with lab work are below

1). How to use the Spark API in Python.
2). How to process large JSON data sets using the Spark SQL context in the spark shell. (Scala-based shell)
3). How to obtain data from external databases using the JDBC built-in data source library in Spark.
4) How to add the Spark service in a three node Hadoop cluster. 

If you are interested, please register at http://dbauniversity.webex.com/

The DBA University difference

1) All faculty based in USA and training through video enabled web conferencing software.
2) Custom written ebooks (About 300 pages training materials per course).
3) Cloud based remote lab server access for each student.
3) Our faculty and student video portal - http://video.dbauniversity.com
4) Taught using interactive white board technology.

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