Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oracle 12c DBA Training

Oracle 12c DBA Training

We want to give some new updates about DBA University's Oracle DBA Training course.  This course will now be offered in the latest Oracle 12c database release from Jan 18th 2014.  

Course Highlights

1) About 60 hours course  for 8 weekends.
2) Training will contain topics from both Oracle 11g and the latest Oracle 12c database version. 
3) Weekends: Saturday, Sunday - 8 am Central Time to 12:30 pm Central Time (with a 30 min break)
4) DBA University Oracle DBA Tutorial will be provided.

Lab work

1) Each student will get a remote lab computer to practice the course work.  
2) The training will be on both Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c version with Oracle Linux 64 bit as the operating system.
3) 16 hours Remote LAB access on Saturday, Sunday
4) 5 hours Remote LAB access on weekdays

Links and Resources

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