Thursday, October 21, 2021

How to restart Output Post Processor in Oracle Applications


Output Post Processor (OPP) concurrent managers in Oracle Applications help convert output of a concurrent program into well formatted output such as an Excel file or a PDF file etc.

Occasionally, due to heavy data processing, the OPP concurrent managers may stop working for reasons such as "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" etc. This requires the OPP concurrent managers to be restarted. Also, one other problem could be a rapid increase of the log file sizes of these concurrent managers which can fill up the application file system disk space. We can stop the OPP concurrent managers, delete these log files and start them again.

The steps provided below can be used in both Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 and 12.2.x versions such as 12.2.8 etc.


Login with the System Administrator responsibility

1) Navigate to Concurrent => Manager => Administer to open the Administer Concurrent Managers form.

2) Make sure there are no actively running programs using the OPP concurrent managers or wait until such running programs are completed. Then Choose Output Post Processor and click on the Deactivate button.

Then, all the processes will be stopped in the application server. Initially, these java processes will go into a defunct state before getting fully stopped. By clicking on the "Processes" button, we can find the actual operating system process ids by seeing the "System" tab. These should match when you run the ps -ef | grep -i "OPP" command in the Oracle E-Business Suite application server.

It can take up to 20 minutes to deactivate all the OPP concurrent managers. If they are taking a lot of time to get deactivated, it is OK to terminate them in the application server using the Linux kill command.

If the reason to stop OPP concurrent managers is to delete their log files, then follow the below instructions.

a) Login to the Oracle E-Business Suite application server.

b) Set the applications environment


d) ls -ltr *FNDOPP*.txt

e) rm -f *FNDOPP*.txt


1) Now come back to the Administer Concurrent Managers form shown above.

2) Then Choose Output Post Processor and click on Activate button.

It can take several minutes (even up to 30 minutes) to reactivate all the OPP concurrent manager processes. Verify by clicking the Processes button and see that the Start Date has an updated date.

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