Friday, October 8, 2021

Oracle Applications R12 - FND_LOG_MESSAGES and APPS_TS_TX_DATA tablespace

FND: Debug Log Enabled profile option value must be set to "No" at the Site level. If it is set to "Yes" it can result in huge space consumption in the APPS_TS_TX_DATA tablespace and the APPS_TS_TX_IDX tablespace (index tablespace) through the FND_LOG_MESSAGES table.

Once the site level profile option value is set to "No", you can truncate this table and reclaim space.

1) Login as applsys database user

2) truncate table FND_LOG_MESSAGES drop storage;

This will reclaim the space. This table has no primary key constraints and therefore has no referential integrity constraints referring to this table from any other table.

This space reclamation is immediately noticed in both the APPS_TS_TX_DATA tablespace and the APPS_TS_TX_IDX tablespace (index tablespace).

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