Friday, October 22, 2021

How to delete log files in Oracle Applications 12.2.x

It is recommended to delete log files in Oracle Applications (Oracle E-Business Suite) periodically to get some free space in the file system. All the files in the below directories can be deleted as part of the Oracle Applications 12.2.x dual file system. 

This article assumes your Oracle Applications file system is hosted on Linux.

1) Login to the Oracle Applications server.
2) Set the environment.
3) df -h
(Note the existing free space in the file system)

4) Go to the below sub-directory path for both the file systems (fs1 and fs2) as part of the dual file system in Oracle Applications 12.2.x

Apache log files


OPMN log files


Weblogic Admin Server log files


Fusion Middleware Home TOP level log files


5) pwd (Make sure you are in the directory shown above).

6) Remove the files using the rm -f *.log command. Only delete files that have a .log extension.

7) df -h (Note the updated free space).

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