Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SSO Login failure: Is it a problem with the username or the password ?

We are working on a proof of concept instance to evaluate integrating E-Business Suite login information with the corporate LDAP directory (In our case, it is the MS Active Directory). Users are currently getting authenticated using the local fnd_user table in the E-Business Suite database. The project aims to use the corporate user repository (MS Active Directory) for authenticating the E-Business Suite users, enabling single sign on (SSO) for all Oracle E-Business suite of Applications in the enterprise.

I had a tough time testing login failures after the SSO integration with E-Business Suite. The login page does not reveal if it is an invalid User Name or an invalid Password. All i get is "Error: Authentication failed. Please try again".

I turned to the $ORACLE_HOME/sso/log/ssoServer.log for help. The ssoServer.log provides additional error information only for invalid User Names. In the below error message, the stack trace reveals the problem is with the username , meaning this username does not exist in the Oracle Internet Directory (and MS Active Directory).

Wed Aug 20 23:47:41 CDT 2008 [ERROR] AJPRequestHandler-ApplicationServerThread-7 Could not get attributes for user, oracle.ldap.util.NoSuchUserException: User does not exist - SIMPLE NAME = at oracle.ldap.util.Subscriber.getUser_NICKNAME(

Now, if i enter a valid User Name,but invalid password, Oracle fails to update ssoServer.log with any error/stack trace. Oracle keeps you guessing on this aspect.

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Srinivas Nallur said...

We are also facing exactly same problem, did you find a solution?
if so please let us know..

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