Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FRM-40734:Internal Error:PL/SQL error occurred

It was one of those days when things get delayed and you go past the deadline. Last week I faced a similar situation when an Oracle R12.1 (E-Business Suite 12.1) clone was not completed successfully.  
All the cloning tasks were completed, however, during testing of the cloned instance, I discovered that Oracle Forms was having a problem.
  1. Launch any form ( For e.g Login as SYSADMIN=> System Administrator => Concurrent => Requests )
  2. The forms window opens, but it goes into an hour glass mode and after a few minutes it displays the following error message at the bottom of the form
FRM-40734:Internal Error:PL/SQL error occurred  
I searched for the occurrence of the above error in all the logfiles in the $INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.3/opmn directory including the forms_default_group_1 subdirectory. But everything seemed normal in these logfiles with no reference to the above error code and message. I also performed a routine check of the $INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/oacore directory, but no clue at all. This seemed to be one of those errors when the logfiles do not give much information for troubleshooting purposes. 
Because of the several steps involved in the cloning process, I was under the impression that I could have done a mistake or missed a step or two. Hence I executed all the cloning steps again. But the issue refused to go away. I used the adadmin utility to run the 'Compile APPS schema', 'Generate form files', 'Compile menu information' and the 'Compile flexfields' programs. But the issue still refused to go away. Finally, we ran the 'Generate product JAR files' adadmin program which helped fix the problem.  
So you now know the trick when you face the same symptoms that I faced above !!


Anonymous said...

I am getting the same error however after adding utl_file_dir entries to init.ora file. thoughts ?

Troy said...

We are having the same error occur in forms when the users execute queries then exit from the form. They are using SunGard's Banner software and they can get around the issue by using the function keys to execute the queries but if they use the icon buttons at the top of the form, or the drop down lists to run queries then they get this error as they exit the form. The queries run fine. We've tried almost everything we know to resolve this. We are running Fusion Middleware and WebLogic 10.3.3 against an Oracle database.

vijay........... said...

I ran "generate product jar" using adadmin but i issue didnt go...any idea?

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