Friday, March 27, 2020

Oracle database 8i to 12c R1 upgrade

This blog post provides the overall approach to upgrade from Oracle 8i (specifically to Oracle 12c R1 (specifically

Is your current version (8i R3) ?

If so, this is the approach. You have to perform two upgrades. The first one is called an intermediate upgrade.

We recommend you to use dbua tool (database upgrade assistant GUI tool) instead of export and import tools.

1) Oracle (8i R3) to Oracle

Do you have access to Oracle support ?

If so, request them to provide you Oracle software (base edition) through a service request.  Install this base software - Then download 8202632 which is the patch number for patchset and apply to the installed folder to bring it up to

Now do a direct upgrade from Oracle to 

2) In a separate path, install Oracle

Then upgrade the upgraded database to Oracle 

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