Saturday, November 1, 2014

How to configure and start VNCServer on Linux

How to configure and start VNCServer on Linux 6

Please follow the below guidelines to successfully configure and start VNCServer service on Linux operating system versions 6.x (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, CentOS etc.). If your operating system has version 7.x, then please follow this article instead.

1) As root, edit /etc/sysconfig/vncservers and add the below line at the end of the file.

This is to start the vncserver process automatically after a server reboot using root as the vncserver process owner. If you want a different operating system user, then replace the user root with the other operating system user name

2) As root, run the command chkconfig vncserver on

3) Run the vncpasswd command to set the password to connect to the vncserver service.

4) If you want to terminate the vncserver process, execute the vncserver -kill :1.0 command. The :1.0 is the display setting.

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