Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oracle RAC Training

Oracle RAC, ASM and Data Guard Training

We have some exciting news for you. Michelle Malcher will be conducting the Oracle RAC, ASM and Data Guard course. This course will now be offered in the latest Oracle 12c database release from Mar 15th 2014.  Michelle is a well experience Oracle Database Administrator. She is a well known author of several Oracle Press books. Also, she is an Oracle ACE Director (only a few in the world are recognized as ACE Director by Oracle Corporation) and a noted contributor to Oracle Magazine.

Course Highlights

1) About 40 hours course  for 5 weeks.
2) Training will contain Oracle RAC, ASM and Data Guard topics in Oracle 12c version.
3) Evenings - Sun, Mon, Tue and Thu  - 7 pm Central Time to 9 pm Central Time
4) DBA University's e-Book will be provided.

Lab work

1) For majority of the topics, each student will get a remote lab computer to practice the course work.  
2) The training will be on Oracle Linux 64 bit as the operating system.
3) 10 hours Remote LAB access on Saturday, Sunday
4) 5 hours Remote LAB access on weekdays

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