Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oracle DBA Training

Oracle DBA Training

We want to give some new updates about DBA University's Oracle DBA Training course.  Since the beginning of 2013, we are offering it now in the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) conveniently from 8 am Central Time until 12:30 pm Central Time (with a 30 min break). Each online training schedule runs for a period of 7 weekends for a total of approximately 60 hours with lots of remote lab practice.  The industry average for IT trainings is 40 hours in the USA whereas our course is for more than 60 hours.

Course Highlights

1) 60 hours course
2) Training will be on Oracle 11g R2 and Oracle 12c R1.
3) Saturday, Sunday - 8 am Central Time to 12:30 pm Central Time (with a 30 min break)
4) DBA University Oracle DBA Tutorial will be provided.

Lab work

1) Each student will get a remote lab computer to practice the course work.  
2) The training will be on Oracle 11g R2 and 12c R1 version with Linux 64 bit as the operating system.
3) 16 hours Remote LAB access on Saturday, Sunday
4) 5 hours Remote LAB access on weekdays.

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Gloria T. Felix said...

Thank You Very Much for the option you are
providing. while on the flow i look at thisOracle 11g DBA Online training
where DBAs are also understood by the titles Database Co-Ordinator or Database
Programmer, even though a database programmer demands more advanced abilities
in SQL programming than the usual DBA might have, and Data-Base Programmers
might not have and do not demand the skills of data-base administration,
backing up, restoring, monitoring or tuning to do their job well with our Online Oracle 11g DBA training.

The role includes the development and layout of data-base strategies, method
tracking and improving database performance and capacity, and preparation for
future expansion conditions. They may also plan, coordinate and implement
security measures to safeguard the database
For added Info on Oracle 11g DBA Online training contact at below details.
Contact Us :

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christina said...

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