Sunday, July 25, 2010

Database Administrator stands 5th in the 'MOST DIFFICULT TO FILL' IT Job

I wrote in March 2008 (just before the onset of the worst recession in USA) that statistics showed Oracle Database is the skill with the biggest demand in the IT Job Market. Click here to read that post.

With the job market in USA still not recovered fully, the latest July 2010 monthly job report says that Database Administrators stand 5th in the 'MOST DIFFICULT to FILL' IT Job. This shows that IT organizations continue to have a tough time to find quality Database Administrators even in the ongoing recession in USA.

The same report states that DBAs make $10,000 more than the average IT job paycheck in the United States. Same applies for pay raises. DBAs get double the average yearly pay raises in the USA. Click here to download the latest IT job market report. partnered with the leading job portal and ranked DBAs among the TOP TEN most IN-DEMAND professions for the 2009-2016 period with a projected growth rate of 29% per year. Click here for more details.

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