Thursday, March 5, 2009

Re-Registering the Oracle E-Business Suite after an SSO database RAC conversion


After converting the Oracle SSO database to RAC for High Availability, one has to re-register the provisioning applications such as the E-Business Suite to let them know about the new database configuration. In this case, to update the provisioning applications with the new RAC TNS string.  

One of our provisioning applications is the Oracle E-Business Suite. The provisioning application has to be deregistered first with the -deregister option. We recieved the following error during the deregistration process. -script=SetSSOReg -deregister=Yes

txkSetSSOReg_Fri_Feb_27_15_03_19_2009.log FUNCTION: TXK::advconfig::SSO::validateParams [ Level 1 ]ERRORMSG: Invalid ORASSO database user credentials.Connecting to ORASSO schema using failed.  


The ORASSO password was correct. So the above error has nothing to do with the password. Upon further investigation, I found out the script is unable to establish the SSO database connection. Because the database has been converted to RAC, the current SID OIDDB is not applicable anymore. During the RAC conversion, a new SID has been generated for each of the two instances in the RAC viz. OIDDB1 and OIDDB2 respectively. The service name is still the same OIDDB, but Oracle is trying to establish a connection using OIDDB as a SID, resulting in the above error.

More often that not, Oracle utility scripts show the input arguments so we can choose the right argument for the database connection string and pass it to the script. However, does not seem to be good at it. -help too does not provide the input argument list. The only way to find the input arguments is to check its failed logfile in $COMMON_TOP/rgf/$CONTEXT_NAME/sso/txkSetSSOReg*.log file ( infraconnstr ) -script=SetSSOReg -deregister=Yes -infraconnstr="(Description =(ADDRESS_LIST =(LOAD_BALANCE = yes)(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = node1-vip)(PORT = 1521))(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = node2-vip)(PORT = 1521)))(CONNECT_DATA =(SERVICE_NAME = OIDDB)))"  


I hope provides a better way to find its input argument list in the future. This can be an enhancement request for Oracle. Moreover, the script should prompt for the service name instead of the database SID currently (Enter the Oracle iAS Infrastructure database SID ? ) if one does not intput the infraconnstr argument. Service name is a much better way of referencing a database instead of a SID, because the former remains constant across RAC conversions, not the latter.

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