Thursday, May 29, 2008

RMAN DUPLICATE - automatic temp files recreation

As part of our 10g upgrade project, we are testing our existing RMAN scripts, especially the DUPLICATE command that we use to clone databases. In one my previous posts, i have already outlined the procedure to clone a database using the DUPLICATE command.

It works fine in 10g too; however, an added benefit in this release is that it recreates the temp files automatically. The temp files for the destination database will be created in the directory specified by the DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT parameter with file names and file sizes similar to the source database. This eliminates the manual recreation of the temp files after every database clone performed with the DUPLICATE command.

With this new feature in 10g (specifically it is an Oracle 10g R2 new feature) the DUPLICATE command eliminates one more manual step performed during the database cloning process.

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