Monday, May 19, 2008

How to become an Oracle DBA

I was on a vacation for three weeks in April and hence could not blog since more than a month. We are also currently busy upgrading our E-Business Suite on database veresion to 10g R2 version and also completing Linux Migrations of the rest of the Oracle systems that we have here. The upgrade is still in the development phase and we are planning to golive in July this year. We are all very excited about the upgrade especially because of all the goodies and new features that come with 10g release. So far the upgrade looks smooth that but i will post my experiences with issues (if any) once we are ready to GOLIVE.

Yesterday i got an email from a regular visitor of my blog who happens to be a fresh computer science engineering major and he wanted to know how can be become a good Oracle DBA with no prior experience.

One has to start with a Professional training course in Database Administration. I recommend DBA University courses. Learning by oneself is also a good idea especially if one is a computer science major already because one picks up RDBMS concepts in college usually. I recommend getting trained with Oracle Real Applications Clusters (RAC) directly. A useful book that i came across is the 'Personal Real Application Clusters' . This book is from Rampant Press (well known for their specialized Oracle concentration). Though i did not go through the book, the topics and chapter look quite interesting.

It will be a very good experience setting up your own personal RAC system. The industry is converting more and more Oracle single instances into multi node clusters (Real Application Clusters) for high availability and scalability. The favorite platform for RAC is Linux and of course it will be become the platform of the future. The book seems to be a good handbook for building your own Oracle RAC on Linux Platform easily and in a cost effective manner. Increased confidence and a sense of accomplishment will be the result of this exercise.

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