Friday, February 1, 2008

Oracle Applications 11i Middle Tiers Linux Migration

We successfully migrated our Oracle Applications 11i ( middle tiers (forms and web) from HP-UX to Linux during the weekend. We followed the standard Metalink Note :- 238276.1 for the Linux Migration. Our admin tiers and database instances were on HP-UX and these were left alone during the migration. Overall it has been a smooth cutover, however we did face a SEV 1 issue during the GOLIVE activities. We were able to get help within the maintenance window and thereby were able to release the instance on time. The details are below  

ORA-01403: No Data Found... 

After completing all the tasks and starting the applications on the target linux servers, none of the forms were opening. Every click resulted in a "ORA-01403: No Data Found" error. We reviewed all the tasks and everything was run fine. However we were convinced that this error could be a result of just one file or one wrong parameter. Soon after a thorough search on the Oracle Metalink site, we found an article that says an incorrect custom.pll can cause this error while trying to open any form or click on any form button. After getting this vital hint, we were able to demonstrate that its indeed the custom code that is causing the problem. The following method was used to confirm this.

  1. Login to forms
  2. If "ORA-01403: No Data Found" occurs on every form click or form button click, then escape the error window, Goto Help menu => Diagnostics => custom code => The option here will be NORMAL. Choose OFF.
  3. Now navigate forms again. The error no longer showed up after turning off custom code.

After narrowing down to the bottom of the problem, we soon found that a pll file added along with CUSTOM.pll for some changes was not compiled on linux. The problem went away after compiling this pll too.


adadmin program compiles only the standard code and hence custom code compilation has to be taken care of seperately after the standard code compilation. Failure to compile any custom code files can result in the above problem.

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Syed Shabuddin said...

Could you share your migration activity documents. I am also going to this activity tomorrow and searching the best and easy way to migration windows to linux our oracle application 11i. any help plz share on

Syed Shabuddin

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