Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10g Certification IZ0-040

I obtained my 10g Certification last week. Pending since long, it completes a major requirement for that real 10g DBA. Since i am already 9i Certified Professional, upgrading to 10g wasn't such a big deal.

I found passing the 4 exams of the initial Oracle 9i OCP quite a big thing, especially dealing with the amount of books and experience needed to pass the exam. Its like passing one of your engineering semester exams as part of your Bachelor's degree. However 10g certification is going to be easy for any existing 9i certified professional. I am posting my experience with the exam here.

  1. 60 questions. Atleast 44 answers have to be correct.
  2. Questions will be independent of 10g R.1 and 10g R.2 releases. You can still pass the exam if you are just experienced in 10g R.1 and not 10g R.2 release.
  3. Only new features will be tested here (including some 9i advanced new features). If one wants to pass this exam easily, one needs to study thoroughly the 10 new features guide found here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi can u just tell me how did u prepare for the exams.Which materials did u refer etc etc.even i have finished my 9i.want to upgrade to 10 g.kindly help

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