Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Working on RMAN Duplication to a different host

Since a week i am working on changing our Oracle 11i E-Business Suite Database cloning procedure. In the current method the source database is put in hotbackup mode, data files and the needed archive logfiles are copied to the destination host and the clone/test database is created.

But the problem with this current method is we are not really testing the source database backups. A good DBA should always create test/clone databases from the source database backups instead of copying datafiles in backup mode. Our production database has a full biweekly RMAN tape backup. Though these backups are successful as per their "log files", they have never been used as a source to create for cloning purposes.

The right procedure now is to use these RMAN tape backups and then perform database cloning using the RMAN DUPLICATION feature.

We use VERITAS NETBACKUP as the Media Management Software for the RMAN tape backups. I am working with the Unix system administrator, NETBACKUP administrator but encountering some NETBACKUP errors. We opened a ticket with Veritas and i will blog again once the issue is resolved. I will also detail the issue rootcause and the solution for it.

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